Les Chaudieres Daquiri
(A Carribean Classic a la Davis Jr. This same 1-2-3-4 ratio works in any volume!)
Serves 8 (?)

1 Cup fresh lime juice
2 Cups cane syrup
3 Cups good rum (Mount Gay or Barbancourt preferred)
4 Cups ice cubes
Splash of bitters
Fresh ground nutmeg


  1. Mix all ingredients in a blender
  2. Sit down facing the sunset, sip, enjoy, swear to yourself you’ll never go home
  3. Repeat as necessary!

Durham Standard

Fill tall glass 2/3rds with ice.
Fill glass to 1/3 with Barbancourt, Mount Gay, or other quality rum.
Fill remainder of glass with tonic water.
Add a splash or two or bitters.
Grind freshly nutmeg over the top.
Add a wedge of lime, and ENJOY (preferably poolside while watching the sun set! May help induce the Green Flash

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