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Christy Holder is manager of operations. If you desire, she'll arrange to have groceries and beverages stocked for your arrival, and is available should concerns arise. Christy is also the chef par excellence of the household. You will also meet Martina, who is in charge of breakfast and the housekeeping. See the FAQ's page for some of their most delicious recipes. Together, they will make you feel right at home the moment you arrive and create an unforgettable stay in St. Lucia.

Feel free to give Christy "free rein" to concoct island specialties for daily menus or together you can plan the meals for the day.
Christy can also assist in planning your shopping list. It is not her job to go to town to do the shopping, but some guests may enjoy her assistance when they go.


Paul (alias Calabash) is responsible for maintaining the estate. Ask Paul for any needed repairs, or for details on reaching beautiful private beaches by foot, mountain hikes, or trips by native boat. He can also arrange to get fresh fruits and vegetables from our plantation or the village of Anse la Raye. He can get you fresh coconuts from the trees behind the house or land crabs from the valley, and then light up the evening with bamboo tiki torches. A bamboo canon can also be demonstrated!

Feel free to ask Paul how to use the Questar telescope to view the moon, stars or passing sailboats.

The staff know the who, what, where, when and how of the island and the local area, so be sure to ask if you have any questions. A gratuity is expected and usually well deserved by the staff.
Their salary covers their basic responsibilities, but extras such as shopping trips, tour guiding, bamboo canons and crab hunts are above and beyond their basic duties.

The staff is not mercenary, but they should try their best to keep up with your needs and desires.
If you feel they have treated you with extra care and gone beyond the call of duty, please reward them with a cash tip.


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